Friday, February 26, 2010


me: david wojnarowicz has me thinking about my mortality so insanely

8 minutes
8:00 PM Joe: In what direction? Insane mortality can take you to a lot of places...
8:02 PM me: his ability to articulate how meaningful it all is and how conversely and simultaneously meaningless is pretty unbelivable
plus watching the progression from a cavalier highly sexualized young person to a dying individual is profound
8:03 PM your journals are important joe
i always thought they were over the top
but they're not
8:04 PM
Joe: ...which ones are you referring to? Over the top?
8:05 PM me: like, i always thought it was extreme how intent you were upon documenting your life through your journals
but it's not
Joe: I feel like I do a pretty pathetic job of actually writing in my journal - but in theory I think it's very, very important
8:10 PM me: there's this great passage in teh book where one of david's friends dies and after the memorial they go back to his house and david lies out all the photos of the man who dies on the floor and he's with kiki smith and they try to put on this albumand waltz to dance for the dead but david keeps tripping over her feet so they seperate for a second and then kiki puts her hands in the air and they start spinning and spinning and spinning
and laughing and falling
8:11 PM Joe: Is it making you want to write?
8:12 PM Edit the arc of your narrative?
me: of course
it makes me want to pin down experiences
and hold them to something
8:13 PM some plateau of meaning
and then at the same time just not hold anything to any idea of truth or sigifigance but just spin around alot and see what happens
8:14 PM it makes me feel alone
and it's good

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