Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today was largely eventful and uneventful all the same. Tried to stay distracted. Success. Wanted to write before it got to late. Success.

Woke up, went to work. Left promptly to buy mirrors at this ridiculously small place in Hell's Kitchen. Very old timey.

Came back to the gallery, walked to lunch with Christopher. Pineapple Fried Rice with Tofu. We talked about his friend who expected too much of him. Total obligations, there are no obligations. Thought it was interesting that he brought this up today. This is making my hand hurt.

Lots of crates came. Met with the artist Paola and the fabricator Sam. Placed Paola's grid, it will go accross the center of the space on the street side.

Ran into Bailey as I was getting on the train with Andrea and James. Went to the Creek, got drunk. Home now.


Doing my homework for the last time ever.

What if every person is a different version of the same idea?


Technically, 12.27.08. 2:16am. Joe and I just got home from hanging out with Max at this kid's Scott's house on 21st and 2nd. He didn't care about his apartment and it was really gross. He had two cats. One of them jumped really high. I had a cider and a glass of wine and a Sparks. I feel sort of drunk. 2 cigarettes today.

Shoog is on my lap. I love having a cat so much and he finally started using his litter box.

Joe and I snorted a bunch of aderol together. It was fun.

On the way home, we started talking about commercial culture and the mind of the consumer, the drive of captilism, the psychology of the American brain. The pathos of economics. But when I hear myself say, "they" and "them, I wonder what I mean by that. Who indoctrinates and who is passive. Who stands idle while others take control? Where do I lie on the continum? Don't we all have entities who attempt to control our taste no matter how large or small?

The cat is tossing around his litter. I want to get him a glossy covered box. He's also trying to break into his food. Tricky little kitty.