Monday, June 15, 2009

Sacrosanct, Sushi and Sass

Last night, I went an opening for a show called Sacrosanct, organized partially by Heather Jones and Santiago Moystyn. The show was at an abandoned church on 103rd and Lexington, and Nate Hill was there with his dog and bloody marys. Anyway, I really enjoyed Heather's work- a floating bed of sorts fabricated from used coffee and tea filters. It looked like this:

There was also a shelf with unicorns horns and a broken glass piece that I also found interesting. I think I just like shows in spaces with memory. Short on words. More photos:

Next, I went to check out my old friend Sara's new apartment on 103rd near the park and later we stepped out for sushi. Then, I went to see Jen's new apartment on 145th and St.Nicholas- went to this bar called St.Nick's which we were pretty sure must be featured in some sort of Euro guidebook to New York because drinks were 7 dollars and it was open mic night and French woman was getting her thing on much to the chagrin of the older patrons. Sleep.

It was nice to go uptown.

Friday, June 12, 2009

start of summer laze

i'm pretty lazy. but i still go see art! i don't feel like writing about it though. maybe i'll add more photogs, maybe i won't. wait to see.

mark flood at zach feuer (this is the greenlit room in the back)- me likes. the rest of the show looks little like this.

sophie calle at paula cooper. (this is a video wall of different ladies reading a breakup letter from sophies x)
i love the paula cooper space on the southside of 22nd- arched ceilings a la big red barn. personally, i like sophie doing a bed-in better than the ladies, but that's just me.

i did not go see the picasso show at gagosian because larry wouldn't let me bring my iced coffee inside. tough titties.