Thursday, November 12, 2009

the winter of my lazy discontent

I have been mildly discontented lately, or possibly just bored. most likely the latter, i'm sort of happy these days. maybe i'm just hungover. if you don't expect something big huge and exciting- well-
I don't know how I get bored- sometimes i just can't DO anything. So, I'm sitting at my desk and the breeze is passing through my window, tons of new yorkers and a tauba book and some acorns and a couple pens, a d.a.p catalogue, some cards meg sent me a while ago about aderall, a bard curatorial studies master's brochure, con ed bills i haven't paid for a while. everything's just Piling Up. sometimes i wish everything happens the way it does in cartoons- when you run, dust would kick up behind you, when you think something, a lightbulb appears over your head. small moments would become more interesting if they were accompanied by overt physical manifestations. my passport is there. i should use my passport in january. i should run away for a minute. a zine joe made this summer at the ben jones sunday school at deitch. when i move again i'll pack up the stuff up and it will arrange itself differently in a new location without my approval. i wonder when i'll stop moving for good.