Saturday, October 10, 2009


I rarely see bands I like. Because of this, I rarely write about music. Mostly, I'm watching other people watch themselves, trying to get free drinks, and when I had a boyfriend who booked shows, I was most definitely trying to get him to pay attention to me. Other things I do at shows: smoke cigarettes, look at merch (I don't do this frequently), think about snacks or deli sandwiches I could procure within a 3 block radius, text, talk to the door person. Sometimes, I am the door person but when you're the door person you have an entirely different set of considerations. So it goes.

When I look at art for my purposes, it's quick and analytical. Unless, you're at an opening which is the equivalant of a show. But it's different then too- an opening is like a big party at a store. Which I suppose is what show-going is like at bowery-esque places in the city, but I don't even think that either. The art and music world in new york have lines drawn down the center of urban social norms regardless of size or corporate ownership.

The experience of music needs to be mutually transformative. I'm going to understand your band more if the person next to me is feeling it harder. And I can see it on their face, in their body, out of their hands. If I'm watching my favourite artist produce their work next to three other people, the outpouring of expression by the bystanders can only be intellectual, not visceral. Fucking your girl versus saying I love you just ain't the same.

Meow meow meow- to crawl back around to the beginning of this arc of context, maybe my experiences are so noxiously bi-polar because I never see bands I like.

Last night, I went to see Thee Oh Sees at Death by Audio. They didn't play until 2:30 and I was really high and having a wonderful time. My friend Maya had just pinned a patch on my jacket that had multiple, powerful meanings, and my friend Ariel had just given me a really cold beer.

Mystical and utterly transformative, Thee Oh Sees at 3am on this past fall Friday are what I imagine the best sex I ever have will sound like.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today, I woke up and read David Wojnarowicz journals in bed. Took a shower drank hot water with lemon and met Olga for coffee outside. Walked back to my house and changed my clothes, met Alaina on the J train platform at Lorimer. Took it to Canal. Walked around looking for red reishi powder for about an hour. Many women kept trying to get us to get massages or handbags. We declined. Drank a tsing tao at one place, went to New Green Bo and got Ma Pao Tofu and Eggplant, another tsing tao. Full. Walked over to the Highline and sat over 10th ave for a little while. Walked back to the East Village, got on the L. Home.

"What will I think about all this scribble ten years, thirty years from now in the change of history, where will Jim or John or me in relation to all these activities? It's the starry mirror of the eyes slow revolution to the impossible or fictional future then reeling back again to the past. FZAMMM"- d.w