Sunday, July 27, 2008


i have no desire to say anything halfway preconceived or clever or full of contridiction. i turned 23 two days ago. it was very simple and i was upstate at this house. i went swimming and ate alot of exceptionally delcious food and played games in the woods.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

aids4lyfe update

megan took a brief hiatus from the world and dropped off the face of the earth. never fear, readers- she's alive, safe and sound, but has removed herself from the blogosphere. thus, i am left to fulfill the aids4lyfe prophecy dolo. we all die alone.

Things that have happened since April (the last time I posted):
-I moved out of my apartment on s.3rd street and in with my friend Bailey on Stanhope street. Bailey is kooky and lovely and acutely domestic. i love her.
-2.5 months later I moved in with my boyfriend, Joe. We live at the Silent Barn on Wyckoff Ave.
-A band called Teeth Mountain from Baltimore played at the house and a girl from the band, Kate, went outside and found a cat on the sidewalk. He was all white and had a blue bell. He his now mine and he is named Suge Knight.
-Joe and I went to Mexico City for eight days.
-I started managing the new Deitch space in Long Island City. It's at the end of 44th drive, right on the water. Mainly, I see alot of kayakers and people who work for Matthew Barney. It's sort of the best summer job ever.

I developed a keenness for suburban Queens and have picked out various blocks that I would like to sit on as an old woman with high socks and breasts that touch my knees.